M Series Defibrillator

M series AUSmaller, lighter, brighter.

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The ZOLL M Series® set a gold standard in defibrillation. Reliable, portable and effective, the M Series is used extensively throughout pre hospital and in hospital settings.

With its many parameter and operating modes, it offers users enormous flexibility and choice in monitoring and treatment of patients. Whether it be manual, manual advisory or AED units, the M Series provides simple, easy to use defibrillation, trusted across Australia and across the world.

ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic™ Waveform (RBW) is still the only waveform labelled by the FDA as clinically superior to monophasic for defibrillation and pacing in high impedance patients. In addition to this, ZOLL's 40ms pacing provides twice the capture at half the current.

The M Series features the field emission display (FED) with a wider viewing angle than any LCD display. High contrast and visibility, even at 60°, allowing you to see important information clearly and accurately. When combined with ZOLL's uniform operating system, the M Series is a popular choice for thousands of customers.

The M Series offers:

  • GE Marquette 12SL Adaptive Analysis
  • Uniform Operating System
  • Multiple options for operation
  • The widest viewing angle of any defibrillator
  • ZOLL's 40ms External Transcutaneous Pacing
  • Sun Tech Medical NIBP
  • Masimo SET SpO2 
  • Respironics EtCO2 capnography (Sidestream or Mainstream)
  • Real CPR Help® with instant feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR