ResQCPR System

Zoll Medical has received approval from the US FDA to release its new ResQCPR system. The system consists of two devices: ResQPOD – the actual traditional Ambu bag, as well as a device called ResQPUMP.

ResQPump is an active compression-decompression device that provides optimal conditions for an indirect cardiac massage at each stroke.

The ResQCPR system in ResQPODs for Resistance Limiting and ResQPUMPĀ® ACD-CPR further enhances ResQPOD’s perfusion-enhancing capabilities. The ResQPUMP device allows active compression and decompression CPR (ACD-CPR) to provide full and active chest expansion. In a large clinical trial, the ResQCPR system has been shown to provide a 49% improvement in 1-year survival after cardiac arrest. It is the only FDA-approved CPR survival device.

A feature of this device is that after pressure on the chest, it stretches the chest in order to expand the patient’s lungs after compression. At the same time, the ResQPOD – an Ambu bag is actively used by the second user performing resuscitation procedures, which in turn ensures the passage of the required amount of air through the patient’s lungs.

Scientists hope this should ensure greater survival in patients, as well as reduce the associated neurological complications in patients.

In animal testing, as well as in clinical studies, ResQCPR showed significantly higher rates of blood volume flow to the brain and heart, as well as the rate of successful survival without neurological complications was increased by 25%.