OmniFlights for Carrying Out Medical Assistance

Moments in which medical assistance should be provided in an emergency regimen are required not often, however, the use of ambulances is possible only if there are no a heavy traffic jam, improper roads and a minor distance to the medical center.

It is important to quickly deliver the patient or injured on a medical helicopter to a specialized department that is hundreds or even thousands kilometers away. Under such circumstances, helicopter air ambulance comes to the rescue.

Features of Medical Aviation

The use of this method of patients’ transportation requires the availability of special medical omniflights equipped with modern medical tools, highly qualified personnel who can quickly provide the medical assistance.

Omniflight allows you to deliver patients covering long distances and doing it very carefully. The decision to call an omniflight and transportation of the victim should be taken only by the doctor after patient’s examination. Sanitary helicopters fully meet all safety standards and allow the transport of even recumbent patients.OmniFlights in Medicine_Benefits

The Difference between the Omniflights and Airplanes

Omniflights have many incomparable advantages when compared with airplanes. The main difference is that for the order of medical helicopters there is no need for a special helicopter pad and a runway. In addition, only an omniflight can deliver the victim almost to the entrance to the office, especially since most medical centers around the world are specially equipped with their own helicopter platforms.

What kind of Patients can be Transported by means of OmniFlights?

At present, the list of diseases in which patients are prescribed to be transported to specialized clinics by means of helicopter equipment, which is part of the sanitary aviation:

  • coronary syndrome;
  • state of shock from injuries;
  • pregnancy;
  • cardiac pathologies;
  • burns;
  • skeletal injuries, etc.

Even in the most developed countries, there are many villages located at a considerable distance from medical centers. If there is a need to provide emergency medical assistance, the helicopter also comes to the rescue.

The maintenance of medical helicopters is quite expensive, however, such costs are fully justified, since any kind of aviation items are equipped with only the best stationary equipment, thanks to which professional medics can provide emergency ambulance and even carry out an operation, if necessary, regardless of its difficulties.