Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies

Modern high-tech equipment has already become firmly established in all spheres of human lives. Canadian Pharmacy topic is its development in medicine. Now it is impossible to even imagine how to do without complex diagnostic, resuscitative, physiotherapeutic equipment that helps to establish the correct diagnosis, to support the patient’s viability, to remove pain syndromes and to help in treatment.

General medical devices are classified as follows:

  • based on the risk to the user:
  • class I – low-risk medical equipment;
  • class II – medical equipment with an average risk level and medical devices with a high-risk level;
  • class III – medical devices with a high-risk level.Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies

Ground on the medical device origin, its connection to the source of energy and other characteristics, medical equipment can be:

  • non-invasive;
  • invasive;
  • active.

Based on the application duration on the human body, medical equipment can be:

  • short-term (continuous operation no more than 60 minutes);
  • short-term (continuous use for no more than 30 days);
  • long-term (continuous use for at least 30 days).

Distinguish medical equipment and for the purpose:

  • diagnostics;
  • research;
  • monitoring;
  • prevention;
  • healing or relieving the disease;
  • compensation for injury to a disability;
  • substitution or change in the physiological process anatomy;
  • conception control.

Pharmaceutical Achievements

One of the innovative ideas in a pharmaceutical sphere is the establishment of online pharmacies. Such online stores offer people from all over the world to buy any kind of medications. The delivery may be local or international. The international delivery allows people ordering medications sold, for example in canadian health and care mall pharmacy but delivered to China.

Some of the online pharmacies even offer to buy medications without a prescription but it is not a sign of illegal business. Some of them require sending or uploading the prescription online to be sure you have a doctor’s recommendations. The assortment is diverse able to satisfy all customers suffering from different disorders.

The main advantages of online pharmacies are:

  • high-quality generic drugs;
  • affordable prices;
  • international delivery;
  • bonuses and discounts.